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Application of Cement Mill in Different Grinding Systems

The working efficiency of a crushing machine is determined by its working principle, which is closely linked to the mechanism of material crushing. For this reason, it is necessary to systematically research the crushing mechanism of the materials and comprehensively describe the working condition of the crushing equipment so that the purpose of high efficiency and energy conservation can be achieved. Some scholars in foreign countries think that the following research work should be done in order to realize the goal:

1. The physical action of the crushing process;

2. Research on the crushing process of the single particles;

3. Research on lamination crushing;

4. Mathematical simulation of the crushing process;

5. The working condition and optimum control of the crushing equipment.

No matter what kind of cement is ground, the final grinding system of the cement mill is that most economical and its electricity effect is the most significant. When used in different powder grinding systems, the cement mill has different production increase and energy consumption effects.

1. Pre-grinding system.

Generally speaking, the pre-grinding system can increase the production by 20-50%, and save 9-10kwh/t of electricity, equals 15-20%. When the ratio between the throughput of the materials and the ability of the mill system increases, the cycle load of the roller crusher can be increased in order to improve the production capacity of the powder grinding system and reduce the unit electricity consumption of the system.

2. Mixed grinding system.

The mixed grinding system is able to increase the production by 80-100% and save electricity by 30-50%. The feature of this system is that it returns part of the coarse powders inside the powder selection machine to the roller crusher to be crushed again together with the new materials and return the other part directly to the powder grinding machine for grinding. It can also return the boundary materials to the roller crusher for crushing again. The advantages of boundary materials cycle are: firstly, evenly mix the materials inside the materials stock bin so that the roller crusher can run stably and the electric current has small fluctuation; secondly, after cycle crushing, the granularity of the materials that go into the grinder can be reduces and the production capacity can be further improved; thirdly, increase the amount of the coarse powders inside the powder selection machine that is returned to the roller crusher and let the roller crusher fully play its role of saving energy.

3. Semi-final grinding system.

The ability of the semi-final grinding system to increase production and save energy is determined by the crushing ability of the roller crusher.

4. Final grinding system.

The final grinding system is able to save electricity by 50-68%.


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