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Relationship of Media Size and Grinding Efficiency of Ball Mill

timeAug 26,2012

The ball mill crushes materials through the impact and grinding effect of the grinding media. In this process, the steel ball is used a medium of energy to transform the outside energy to the crushing forces, thus completing the materials crushing process. Apparently, the energy carried by the media is determined by the size of the media, which determines the crushing force, grinding efficiency and the quality features of the products. For this reason, the selection of the media size has significant influences on the powder grinding process.

Ball Mill

As for the materials with certain granularity, if the steel balls are too big, then with the same filling rate, the number of the balls will decrease which will lead to the fact that the impacting times of the steel balls on the materials will also relatively decrease; at the same time, the total surface area of the balls will also decrease, and the grinding effect of the machine on the mineral materials will also decrease and the amount of the materials with big granularity will increase. On the contrary, if the steel balls are too small, they can only carry small amount of energy, as a result of which, the mineral materials cannot be fully crushed. So only when the diameter of the media is suitable for the granularity of the materials can make sure that the crushing force makes the materials be crushed on the grain boundary with weak binding force, thus effectively saving energy.

In order to make sure that the innermost steel balls are in the throwing and falling state, the workers should pay attention to the relationship of the filling rate and the rotary rate since the rotary rate of the ball mill directly influences the powder grinding efficiency. In the production practice, the rotary rate of the ball mill when its grinding powder is the highest is called the most suitable rotary rate.

For a very long time, the crushing equipment workers have made much research work on the determination of the size of the media. The many influencing factors make the research work relatively difficult.

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