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Six Factors that Influence Productive Efficiency of Crusher

The productive efficiency of the crushing machine refers to the quantity of the materials that are crushed by the crushing equipment in the unit time which is often ton per hour. The quantity of the materials that are crushed in the unit time directly determines the output of the final stage of the ore beneficiation. For this reason, improving the productive efficiency of the crushing machine is the top priority in the ore beneficiation industry.

Generally speaking, there are mainly six factors that have influences on the production capacity.

1. The hardness of the materials. The harder the materials are, the more difficult the crushing will be. And at the same time, the hard materials will seriously abrade the equipment. The crushing speed is slow, and then of course the crushing capacity of the machine will be low. That is to say we should select the materials with proper hardness.

2. The moisture of the materials. If the water content of the materials is high, then the materials will easily stick to the crushing equipment, and then they will block the crushing chamber in the conveying process, which will reduce the crushing ability. In order to solve this problem, when choosing the materials, the workers should strictly control the moisture of the materials. If the materials to be crushed are too wet, then the workers can expose them in the sun or dry them with the air in order to decrease the per cent of the water in the materials.

3. The fineness of the materials after crushed. The finer the materials crushed are, the lower the production capacity of the crushing machine will be.

4. The composition of the materials. The more the fine powders contained in the materials before crushing are, the lower the crushing capacity of the crusher will be since these fine powders will stick to the machine and influence conveying. The materials containing many fine powders should be screened with vibrating screen before being crushed.

5. The stickiness of the materials. Sticky materials will stick to the internal wall of the crushing machine. If they are not cleaned in time, it will seriously influence the working efficiency of the crushing machine.

6. The abrasion of the crushing part of the crushing equipment such as the hammer and the jaw plate. These parts determine the service life of the machine itself. For this reason, the workers should regularly repair the crushing parts and timely change the damaged part for fear that it might influence normal work of the crusher.


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