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Mobile Crusher Plant Has Made Major Contributions in Construction Waste Disposal

timeDec 28,2012

Currently, China is in the peak period of economic construction, the construction waste generated in the urban transformation and village construction destroys the urban environment. The mobile crusher plant produced by Hongxing Machinery turns construction waste into the raw material of road construction and brick making, which significantly contributes to China's economic construction.

The majority of the construction wastes are mainly composed of dust, dregs, scattered mortar, and concrete, masonry generated in tick chisel, reinforced steel, metal, bamboo wood, waste generated in decoration and various packaging materials generated in the construction process, old building maintenance and removal process. For a long time, the recycling of the construction waste hasn't been paid enough attention; generally, it is shipped to the outskirts and village without any treatment, adopting air storage or landfill for processing, which not only consumes large amounts of land acquisition costs and garbage removal fees, but also results in serious environmental pollution in the collection, transport and stacking process.

Hongxing Machinery thinks that the most of the construction wastes can be reused as the renewable resources by sorting, removing and crushing by professional waste disposal equipment. After sorting, concentrating and re-melting, they can be remanufactured into various specifications of steels. Waste bamboo wood can be used to produce artificial wood. After having been crushed, brick, stone, and concrete can replace sand in the masonry mortar, plastering mortar and playing concrete cushion, as well, they can be used in the production of brick, pavement tiles, plaid brick and other building material products. Hence, in handling the construction wastes, we must take the road of comprehensive utilization.

There are still many problems that are worthy of our attention, from the very beginning, from everybody, we should gain efforts to realize large scale, low cost and environmental operation. Hongxing power making equipment is willing to recognize these problems and overcomes one by one. Only by doing this can we better and faster realize the target of comprehensive utilization.

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