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Use and Maintenance of the Pulverizer

1.The characteristics of the pulverizer

1). Wide application. The machine adopts stainless steel material, which can meet multi-industry standards. The grinding chamber is equipped with a water-cooled jacket to adapt to the grinding requirements of the most heat-sensitive materials.

2). Pollution-free and low noise. This pulverizer individually configures aggregate room and dust chamber, which can fully collect the dust and meet the requirements of customers on the cleanliness. The dynamic balance of the machine is excellent, which reduces the noises to the greatly degree.

3). Strong production capacity. It can meet the production requirements of the most customers.

2. The use and maintenance of the pulverizer

1). It's necessary to check if there are transportation damages and each random data is complete. Before switching on the power of the grinder, please confirm if there are iron pieces in the machine cavity in case of hitting and manually rotate the flywheel more than 1 lap. Absolutely ban hand-moving knife to ensure safety. Ensure that the rotating direction of the pulverizer host is correct. After having doing these notes, you can start the motor and put the machine into production.

Caution: shall not reserve the host of the pulverizer when operating, otherwise, it will cause serious equipment accident.

2).The length of the normal use time of the shredder cutter is different according to different materials. If there is any wear, please timely change blade knife. When installing the cutter, the rotary knife must be tightly fixed, while the fixed knife need slight fixing. Then adjust 4 top knives in order to ensure the clearance between the rotary knife and the fixed knife is 0.2 to 0.3. Then tighten the screw of the fixed knife and lock the adjustable screw. This way, the cutter installation is finished.

After the pulverizer has operated about 500 hours, please check the left and right main gearings. If necessary, clean it, adding right amount of grease or replacing all grease.

The working load of the pulverizer is heavier, so it's necessary to regularly check elasticity of the transmission triangle tape in order to ensure smooth operating.

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