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Matters Needing Attention When Using High Pressure Roll Mill

timeMay 02,2013

The difference of high pressure roll mill and roller crusher is that the pressure of the high pressure roll mill is much higher than that of the roller crusher. In this way, the high pressure roll mill is able to press the materials into cake shape, and the upper materials will not fall down from the gap between the two rolls, thus realizing lamination crushing. The high pressure roll mill has higher processing capacity and finer granularity in the discharged materials which provides conditions for the multiple cycles pressing of the materials. Next the experts of Hongxing Machinery will give a detailed introduction to the matters needing attention when using this high pressure roll mill.

(1) A series of experiments should be conducted before designing the system. There are many types of technical flows of high pressure grinding roll, and every method has its unique applicable ranges. So the selection of a suitable method relies on the experiment and analysis of the press powder grinding and combining with the ore beneficiation technology experiment. Selecting suitable technical process is the premise of good use of the high pressure roll mill.

(2) During the designing process, some special requirement of this roll mill should be satisfied such as supersaturation feeding, the pressure of the material cabin, material balance, flow control, the smooth of the conveying process and the blockage of the storage cabin.

(3) Choose the high pressure roll mill manufactured by such manufacturing companies whose equipment is good in quality, whose business reputation is good and the processing ability is high. Before purchasing the equipment, the customers should conduct a sufficient inspection and should never make a decision only by the introduction of the equipment sample and the introduction of the equipment manufacturing company.

(4) Give the fact that the application history of the high pressure roll mill is not very long and the experience that can be used in society is not much, it is required that before using the equipment and during the testing process, the operational personnel and the maintenance personnel should be give processional technical training in order to make them better use and manage the equipment.

(5) The maintenance of the high pressure roll mill is mainly on the anti-abrasion performance and the repair of the abrasion of the roll faces. Relevant anti-abrasion roll face should be selected when processing different materials and the hardness of the roll face should be much higher than that of the rocks, otherwise the abrasion will be very fast.

(6) The after-sales service of the equipment and the technical offers is also very important. Since the abrasion of the roll face of the high pressure roll mill and the performance parameters such as output, pressing effect and the energy consumption may change at any time, it is necessary to adjust them in order to gain long time and stable benefits.

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