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The Development History and Direction of Cone Crusher

The development of cone crusher has reached the systematic, normalized and standardized degree and the advantages of comprehensive product models and reliable use make it well received among domestic and foreign customers. This paper will mainly introduce the development history and direction of cone crusher.

Cone Crusher

Compared with the same type crushers of developed countries in the world, the traditional domestic cone crusher still has a big gap in quality and performance. Introducing foreign advanced crusher technology and equipment has great practical significance to the development of the crusher industry and ore beneficiation business of our country. For example, some companies produce this series cone crusher on the basis of introducing foreign Simons and gyrotary cone crusher technology and research cone crusher with higher performance on the basis of bottom single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and medium and fine crushing hydraulic cone crusher and the practice has shown that this new cone crusher can greatly reduce the granularity of the crushed products.

The development direction of cone crusher in the future:

Large size: In the construction and production, in order to improve the production capacity, simplify the production flow, reduce the infrastructure construction investment and operation and maintenance fees, the mining mechanical equipment is required to become large. Especially with the fact that the rock taste is gradually depleted, the size of quarrying and ore dressing is increasing and the energy expenditure is greatly increasing, the mining production requires to use highly efficient, energy-saving and large equipment. The successful application of the large equipment in recent years has shown the superiority of large equipment.

Energy conservancy: According to the energy conservancy principle of “more crushing and less grinding”, it requires that the crushers can provide more fine particles for the grinding mills. As for traditional cone crusher which controls the product granularity by adjusting the size of the discharging mouth, the size of its discharging mouth will become large along with the size of the crushing machine, so that the product granularity of large crushers is also big, and it cannot reach the requirement of “more crushing and less grinding”.


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