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Relevant Knowledge about Hongxing Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the mostly commonly seen and used crushing machines. Generally speaking, there are two types of jaw crushers, one is dodge jaw crusher and the other is dynamic type. As for the former type, the width of its discharging mouth remains the same, it is easy blocked during the working process and finally it is eliminated by the market competition. The latter type is widely used in the ore beneficiation plants.

Jaw crusher is mainly composed of fixed jaw plate which is the anterior wall of the machine frame, movable jaw plate hanging on the shaft, eccentric shaft, vertical links, toggle plate, transmission flywheel, lining boards on the two jaw plates, pull rod with spring, bracket and adjusting block.

Then how does jaw crusher work? Mr. Tian, technician of Hongxing Machinery, gave a detailed introduction:

When the electro motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the V-belt, the vertical links will go up and down. When it goes up, it will drive the two toggle plates to gradually flatten, thus pushing the movable jaw plate to move close to the fixed jaw plate, and the ores inside the crushing chamber which is formed by the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate will be squeezed, split, bent and finally crushed. When it goes down, the toggle plate and the movable jaw plate will back off with the spring and the pull rod, and the discharging mouth will become larger to discharge the crushed ores. From here we can see that jaw crusher crushes ores in a certain period. For every rotation of the eccentric shaft, half of the cycle is used for crushing, and the other half is for discharging. Production practice has shown that this crushing method is suitable for coarse crushing with low production cost.

The specification of jaw crusher is represented by the width (B) and the length (L) of the feeding mouth, for example, 900x1200 mm jaw crusher means that the width of the feeding mouth is 900 mm, and the length of the feeding mouth is 1200 mm.

According to the width of the feeding mouth of the equipment, it can be divided into large, medium and small type. That whose width of the feeding mouth is bigger than 600 mm is large type, that whose width of the feeding mouth is in the range of 300-600 mm is medium type and that whose width of the feeding mouth is smaller than 300 mm is small type. In the actual production, the maximum feeding size of jaw crusher should be smaller than 15-20% of the width of the feeding mouth, which means MAX. feeding size D =0.85-0.8 B.

Crushing machine needs high energy consumption, for this reason, Hongxing Machinery reminds the customers that when choosing a machine, pay attention to your specific working condition to get the most satisfactory crushing effect and minimize the energy consumption.


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