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Hongxing Machinery Help Coal Industry to Pull through Hard Time

Coal is known as black gold, which shows its great importance in human’s daily life. As a matter of fact, the power supply in many places in China relies on thermal power generation. Hydroelectric generation needs suitable location and nuclear energy is not safe, thermal power generation has been the mature method for power generation. Shanxi is a province rich in coal, and the production situation of coal in this province has a big impact on the power supply of the whole country.

Regarding coal production, suitable coal production equipment is necessary to produce coal with high efficiency. Through the whole country, Zhengzhou, Henan is the home to engineering and the cradle of mining machinery industry, and as a professional company that has engaged in this industry for over 30 years, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has been stationed here long time ago. Loving what you do has always been the pursuit of Hongxing people. Devotion to the mining industry makes Hongxing crushing and ore beneficiation equipment closely follow the development step of the market and cutting-edge technology and even take a lead in this industry.

Take air-swept mill as an example. Air-swept mill is a machine used for grinding and drying coal with different hardness. It is mainly composed of feeding part, main bearing, rotation part, transmission part, discharging part, high-pressure starting part and lubrication part and it is widely used in cement building material, thermal power generation, metallurgy and chemistry.

Hongxing air-swept mill adopts border transmission and the electromotor drives the mill through the reducer and rack wheel pinion. The grinding mill adopts air-swept structure with drying cabin, so that it has high adaptability to the water content of the raw coal. Inside the powder grinding cabin, the ladder-shaped lining boards, double-ladder lining boards and ripple lining boards are arranged in a combined manner, thus improving the grinding ability of the mill. The feeding part adopts shutter structure, thus increasing the heat transfer ability of the mill and effectively avoid blockage of the feeding mouth.

As an industry that has strong demands for crushers, it is advisable for the coal industry to choose mature equipment. Hongxing Machinery welcomes your visit and inspection.


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