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Two Stages of Processing Mineral Separation Materials

The processing of mineral separation materials includes dehydration and comprehensive recovery two main aspects.


Dehydration refers to the water off the water in concentrate. The concentrate resulting from dry mineral separation will be directly shipped to the sintering plant; while The concentrate resulting from wet mineral separation needs the dewatering treatment to the aqueous slurry, making it with water for around 9% per cent before it can be sent to the sinter plant. Dehydration process is generally divided into three steps: concentration, filtrating and drying. Dehydration is the first step of dehydration process, by which concentrate concentration can be increased to increase the filtration efficiency. Filtering is the next process of concentration, which can make the concentrate and tailings products come up to the required standard. Drying is filtered to concentrate.

mineral separation

Comprehensive recovery

There are often many other symbiotic useful elements in iron ore, such as vanadium, titanium, phosphorus, copper, rare earth elements and so on. Integrated approach to recovery and comprehensive utilization must be carried out in ore dressing process. In this way, a mine can play a role equal to several mines.

The tailing coming out of ore dressing plant is known as “waste”. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, strong research and utilization has been made on these wastes at home and abroad, to achieve comprehensive utilization. Comprehensive utilization means a lot, it can make full use of mineral resources, the masters of metal, at the same time, can get rare and dispersed elements which is no separate deposits in nature, can also make use of a lot of lean ore to expand resources and reduce costs. Tailings without useful metal also can be used as construction materials.


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