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Comparison of Hammer Crusher and Jaw Crusher in Ore Crushing

timeNov 20,2013

At present, in China’s market, iron ore is usually crushed by Jaw Crusher, and then re-crushed by tertiary hammer crusher. After being crushed with hammer crusher, crushed iron ore will be separated directly in a dry manner. In fact, this work mode causes waste of resources and cost, so today, the author would like to make a detailed explanation on the crushing mode of Jaw Crusher and hammer crusher.

jaw crusher

In general, the concentrator uses open circuit design, there is no such device used to return the broken material into magnetic separator, for this reason, granularity of material cannot be controlled. In magnetic separation process, the specific part of the useful material is not allowed to be wasted.

Service life of hammer head of hammer crusher is short, so it needs for periodic replacement. Integrated hammer head of hammer crusher does not provide enough impact velocity, so tertiary crushing capacity is limited. In addition, the structure of the beneficiation plant is reasonable, for this reason, hammer crusher cannot achieve good performance and low energy consumption of Jaw Crusher.

Jaw Crusher has the lowest power consumption and minimal wear and tear. In order to better crush the rock and ore, the crushing ability of Jaw Crusher must be fully exploited. However, mineral processing equipment only uses the Jaw Crusher for mainly crushing rock, and then send them to a tertiary crusher for crushing, thus increasing power consumption and wear of tertiary crushers.

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