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How to Improve the Flotation Rate of Flotation Machine?

Flotation machine plays the key role in the mineral processing production, so the improvement of its flotation rate mainly include two aspects, one is the recovery rate, the other is to shorten the time of flotation. Through the improvement of these two aspects, the flotation rate can be improved effectively.


1. Because the foaming agent is important for flotation machine, the detection system has been set up for the special foaming agent. Through the data recovery of experts, it has provided reasonable foaming agent for enterprises as well as the reasonable adjustment of prescription. So, the special attention should be paid to the foaming agent.

2. Increase the impeller speed of flotation machine in a proper range to reduce the groove depth, so that the gap between the impeller and cover plate will shrink, which will increase the inflation rate as much as possible and promote the flotation rate to a certain extent.

3. The improvement of the flotation tank makes the slurry flow quickly through the flotation tank. Abandon the parallel groove comprehensively and adopt a series of advanced technology in order to improve the flotation rate.

4. The size of the selected channel can adopt control device, which can provide a broad platform for and technical workers. It reduces the occurrence of slurry retention phenomenon and effectively avoids the bubble flotation concentrate phenomenon.


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