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How to Determine the Grinding Medium Amount of Ball Mill?

timeNov 18,2014

The main production process occurs in the cylinder of ball mill, the materials are ground by the grinding media in the cylinder. Therefore, the grinding media appears to be very important for the whole machine, which is the key point that we should pay attention to.


1. The yield and medium consumption of ball mill. Record the yield of ball mill in unit time when the medium is intact, and then calculate the medium consumption. Supplement the ball mill medium according to the two standards.

2. The actual working time of the ball mill. Judge the period that the ball mill medium needs to be added based on past experience, and then fill it.

3. The current of ball mill motor. Firstly, record the indication of current media before and after filling the medium. At the same time, record the indication of current when the ball mill is in normal operation. If the medium is consumed, the current will decline, so it needs to add media to make the current reading return to the normal state.

4. The medium level of ball mill. If the media is worn, the medium height must fall, and it needs to be added to the original medium height.

These scientific measures can make customers understand the medium filling problem of ball mill, each of the methods will allow you to make better decisions; customers can choose the appropriate method according to the actual working conditions.

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