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Sand Production Line Eases the Urgent Demand for Building Sand

In recent years, artificial sand has become the mainstream of building sand. A large number of tailings and pebbles in China can be used for sand making, which not only can protect the environment and reduce pollution, but also can ensure the quality of concrete aggregate. The production and application of the artificial sand is advantageous to the country and civilian. Natural sand in our country has almost dried up, and the river pollution is serious, but the construction industry is badly in need of adequate and qualified building sand. Sand production line has reliable quality, and the artificial sand is rich in raw materials. Because sand making technology is mature, so the production of artificial sand can turn waste into treasure.


After a few years of research and development, Hongxing Machinery has produced sand production line with the VI series of vertical impact crusher and other series products with international advanced level, which is in the leading position of mining industry. The sand production line designed and produced by Hongxing Machinery can be used for crushing hard limestone, granite, basalt, pebble, smelting slag and other aggregates, which is suitable for water and electricity, building materials, highway, urban construction and other industries. According to the different requirements of the process, we can have various combination types of the equipment, so as to meet the requirements of different customers.


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