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The Influence of Cement Industry on Some Aspects

Cement industry is essential to the construction of a country. The domestic cement industry developed rapidly since 1990s,the average annual cement output growth rate is at about 10%. Is such a high-speed growth good or not? We think the fact is the most persuasive proof.


We cannot say that the rapid growth of cement industry brought to us are all good aspects. After all, everything has its downside. Here we just learn the benefits it brought to us over the past one hundred years.

1. Cement industry laid a firm foundation for urbanization. As a populous country, China have become the remarkable industrialized country over the past 30 years and realized the preliminary urbanization with an incredible high-speed.

2. Promote the integral level of domestic cement industry. China still has more than 80% of the mechanical shaft kiln, even soil mechanical shaft kiln. The long wet method kiln, vertical Bohr kiln, hollow dry belong to advanced production capacity at that time, to build a 2000 t/d clinker production line need 500 million yuan or more.

3. Promote the technology improvement of cement industry. Our cement production standard gradually conform to the ISO demand,cement clinker average strength enhanced.


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