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Characteristics of Mining as a Pillar Industry of the National Economy

Mining resources are essential material base for human society, national security and economic development. It is also the pillar industry of our national economy. Then, what is the definition of pillar industry? Many people say that GNP of one industry occupy more than a certain percentage would be the pillar industry. This statement makes sense in some way, but many other industry such like catering industry and clothing industry, which are all necessities in daily life and have certain proportion in GNP, but these industries do not have a strong stimulating effect and promoting effect for economy.


The so called pillar industry refers to the leading industry who develops fast and can promote and lead the whole economy development. The pillar industries has a strong knock-on effect. It can induce the rise of new industries, and have a profound effect for various departments that provide the means of production and the economical structure.

National Bureau of Statistics data analysis and comparison of input-output tables, find that a pillar industry must have the following characteristics: Large-scale output, which has a large proportion of gross domestic product. Production costs continue to decline, the development is faster than other industries. In line with national policies that conservation of energy and resources. Accelerate China's urbanization and industrialization process. Be capable to fully participate in the international division of labor, has a certain international competitiveness and accommodate more labor, increasing the income of workers, change the present income distribution in the low state of laborers.


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