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Brand Awareness Is One Development Direction for Mining

According to the survey, in 2012 the new kinds of limestone mine, granite quarries, fluorite ore and other kinds of building new rock ore reached more than 200 seats. However, an investment of less than 10 million yuan of new mine demands nearly 100mining machines. Equipment investment is more than half in the mining enterprises.


China mining machinery production accounts for the proportion of the world’s total up to 50%, which are mainly crushers and ball mills. But crusher industry in our country still exists a series of unfavorable factors,Most of China’s mining machinery enterprise products are low-end. Crusher, for example, the independent brand accounted for less than 30% of the market share, and mostly concentrated in the low-end market. The world’s top ten mining machinery manufacturers accounted for about 85% market share, which can greatly impact on the Chinese market. If China crusher, loader, excavator and other mining machinery and heavy machinery manufacturing enterprises want to keep a stable position in the market, they must develop their own brands and tend to large-scale, high-end development trend.


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