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The Persistence of Mining Machinery on Green Development Tendency

The whole mining machinery has become to pay more attention to the researching and development on new products with high efficiency, energy saving, power consumption in recent days, such as the mining machinery takes the designing principle of lower energy consumption, long lifespan, weight decreasing and so on.


The state also enhances the strength of improving the whole mining market while encouraging the miner ores exploration. New large-scale ore dressing manufacturers, coal dressing factories and cement plants continuously are being build with the close-up of those metallurgy, coal, cement enterprises, which provides higher requirement for the mining equipment, and urgently needs environmental protection equipment with the following features including largest production ability, higher dressing efficiency and credible operation. The automation, large-scale, high efficiency and energy saving of those mining equipment will become the researching emphasis of the whole mining manufacturing industry.

The profit of new type mining equipment with the function of environmental protection and energy saving is rapidly decreasing with the expansion of the industry scope and the technological progress, and then the mining investors certainly hope to choose the environmental protection equipment as the first choice, which can gradually show the advantages of equipment cost.


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