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The Analysis on the Future Development Situation of Roll Crusher

timeJul 16,2015

Roll crusher can be called the oldest in the mining crusher equipment, which has been often seen in the ore dressing production since 1806, but because the structure is simpler than the other crushers, and the performance characteristics is very stable, so there is no some big improvement in the past 200 years, which is still popular in some production projects whose requirement is not so high.

Roll crusher can be widely used in crushing soft and middle-hardness materials, and the humidity and the usage scope also have been strictly limited, so it is widely being used in the following industries such as coal dressing, metallurgy, cement, glass, ceramics and small-scale ore dressing factory.


The overseas roll crusher is being developed better than our homemade, including the complete kinds. Roll crusher can be divided into four types, those are single roller, double rollers, three rollers and four rollers according to the number of rollers. Roller crusher usually takes some new technologies such as the automation structure, hydraulic adjustment and so on.

The development space of our national crusher industry is wide, keeping one increasing tendency on the basis of our state’s guidance, but the technology on the spare parts is still having one big gap by comparing with the overseas roll crusher. That is the reason why the breakthrough on this machinery must be relying on the structural adjustment, enhancing the quality administration, continuously upgrading the technology and seeking the new development tendency of this machinery.

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