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The Future Development Emphasis of Our National Mining Machinery

timeJul 28,2015

As one important part of our national mechanical manufacturing industry, mining machinery also is the provider of the main-stream equipment of our national economy, which can reveal the industrial development level of one state. The development orientation of our national mining machinery also is gradually changing to the intelligent, digital, large-scale and amenity.


At this right minute, there are still some problems existing in our national mining machinery, that includes weak comprehensive strength, poor scientific base, products quality and technology and so on, and that is the reason why taking the road of independent innovation by accelerating the integration of high-advanced products is the best way for the mining machinery to adapt to the modern economic development style, which also is the continuous development emphasis of our national mining machinery.

The system of mining machinery is enormous, so our enterprises should position our own location in this manufacturing industry by enhancing the researching strength while paying attention to the promotion of technological level, clearing knowing about our won characteristics and cultural concept, establishing our own brand image and strengthening the brand efficiency and crisis consciousness at the same time. Mining machinery should not blindly expand its manufacturing scope in order to focus on the development on high-advanced crushers equipment with the most competitive quality by strengthening the integration of science and technology. We will survive from the fiercer mining market by relying on the above methods.

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