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The Future Development Opportunities of Our National Crusher Industry

Our national crusher machinery will usher some great development opportunities, which can be shown from the following three aspects:

Firstly, our national crusher market has become the hot focus of the international mining equipment manufacturers. Those crushers that should be updated every year can be reaching 20% of the whole demand for crushers because of the relatively fast replacement of those broken crushers.


Secondly, the infrastructure construction is the first mission at this right minute for our state, and there certainly will be causing a lot of construction waste in the process. At this right minute, the construction waste has occupied 35% of the whole municipal solid waste, which has been serious influenced our daily life and living condition, so we need the mining machinery to solve this problem as soon as possible, we believe that they will make a big difference in the recycling process of those solid waste existing in our cities.

Thirdly, the 10-year plan of the western development and the reconstruction after disaster bring along the large demand fro crushers, and the enlarging of our national infrastructure construction and the expansion of our national interior demand will boost the rapid and prosperous development of mining machinery.

How to improve the crushers with the following shortcomings such as large power energy power consumption, large pollution is the key issue that should be urgently solved for the whole mining machinery, and this has become the future emphasis of researching the new type crushers with energy saving and environmental protection.


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