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Common Gold Ore Flotation Process Flow

timeAug 27,2021

Flotation is a widely used mineral processing method in gold ore dressing plants. The selection of flotation process flow is usually determined by the properties of gold ore and the specifications of products.  Since the flotation method can only concentrate gold into various sulfide mineral concentrates as much as possible, and can not finally obtain the finished gold, many concentrators will use the flotation method and other beneficiation processes to form a joint process.   

Common gold ore flotation process mainly has the following several kinds :

1.Flotation + cyanide of flotation concentrate  

The sulfide ore containing gold quartz vein was floated to obtain a small amount of concentrate, and then cyanide treatment was carried out.  Compared with the whole mud cyanidation process, the flotation concentrate cyanidation process needs no fine grinding of all ore, less power consumption, small plant area and less infrastructure investment.   

2.Flotation + concentrate roasting + calcine cyanide  The process is commonly used to treat insoluble gold-arsenic ore, gold-zinc ore and gold-pyrite with particularly high sulfide content, and its roasting purpose is to remove harmful elements such as arsenic and antimony in the cyanide process.

3. Fire treatment of flotation + flotation concentrate  Most gold-bearing polymetallic sulfide ores will be separated by this process.  When flotation of such ores, gold will enter the copper concentrate or lead concentrate closely associated with it, and the product is copper gold concentrate or lead gold concentrate. Then the copper gold concentrate and lead gold concentrate obtained by flotation are sent to the smelter for smelting, and gold is recovered in the smelting process.    

4. Flotation + tailings / middlings cyanide + concentrate roasting cyanide  This process is suitable for separating quartz sulfide ore or gold-bearing pyrite and pyrrhotite ore from hoofed gold, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and other sulfide minerals.  The floatable gold sulfide in the ore is first used as the concentrate, and then the gold and silver ore in the exposed sulfide ore or telluride is roasted and then cyanided.  Since the middlings and tailings after flotation usually contain high gold and silver, cyanide treatment is also needed.  

5. Flotation of raw ore cyanide + cyanide tailings  When the gold symbiotic with sulfide minerals cannot be completely recovered by cyanide method, the recovery rate of gold can be greatly improved by flotation after cyanide treatment.

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