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Which Kinds of Gold Ores Are Suitable for the Flotation Method?

timeAug 14,2021

Flotation is a widely used beneficiation method in current gold concentrators, In the process of separation, various flotation reagents are added to adjust the physical and chemical properties of the selected minerals and flotation medium, and expand the hydrophobia difference between gold mineral sand gangue minerals, so as to realize the separation of gold minerals and gangue minerals. This method can enrich gold in sulfide mineral concentrate as much as possible and is conducive to the comprehensive recovery of mineral resources. So, in actual production, which gold ores are suitable for flotation recovery?

In the production practice, when the gold ore has the following characteristics, flotation method can be considered for separation :

1. Ores are closely associated with gold and sulfide.

2. Although most gold does not coexist with sulfides, a considerable amount of metal sulfides in the ore have formed stable foams containing gold sulfides.

3. Ores do not contain sulfide, but contain large amounts of iron oxide ( such as iron caps ), where ochre mud can stabilize foam.

4. Ore does not contain sulfide or iron oxide but contains minerals ( such as sericite ) that can enter foam and stabilize foam.

5. Pure quartz gold ore is mixed with sulfide ore in a certain proportion in advance, or about 3% metal sulfide is added, or appropriate flotation reagents are selected to form a stable foam.

6. The main metals ( copper, lead, zinc, etc. ) in gold ores have been recovered by flotation, and the tailings need to be cyanided. Generally speaking, sulfide gold-bearing quartz vein ores with fine gold particles and good floatability, gold-bearing sulfide ores containing various valuable metals ( such as copper, lead, and zinc ) and gold-bearing ores containing graphite are suitable for recovery by flotation.


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