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Factors Affecting Copper Prices

timeMay 20,2020

1. Supply and demand

The principles of economics point out that when a product exhibits oversupply, its price drops, and vice versa. A price in turn will affect supply and demand, that is, when the price increases, supply will increase and demand will be reduced, otherwise it will show an increase in demand and a reduction in supply, so price and supply and demand will affect each other.

2. The impact of inventory

According to the theory of supply and demand, one has to say that the important objective of supply and demand-inventory. Inventory is one of the most important factors affecting copper prices. Enterprises in different shopping malls will adopt different methods to add or reduce inventory. In order to ensure the production of the necessary materials or accelerate the flow of funds, we will use throughput storage to stabilize the copper market in different periods.

3. Production cost

The production cost is the basis for measuring the price level of the product. The production cost of copper includes calcination cost and refining cost. The most widespread economic analysis is the selection of 'cash flow to preserve capital', which decreases with the value of by-products.

4. Production in the main producing country

Chile is the most abundant copper resource and the world's largest copper exporter. Zambia and Zaire in central Africa are also important copper producers. Their production has a great impact on the world's copper malls. The governance situation in these three countries has always been unstable, and labor disputes have also been frequent, which has a direct impact on copper prices.

5. World economic situation

Now that economic globalization is underway, product markets are closely related to the economic situation, so copper prices are closely related to the economic situation. The consumption of copper is mainly concentrated in the prosperous industrial countries. The economic conditions of these countries such as the United States, Japan, and Western Europe have a greater impact on copper prices. Generally speaking, the economic situation is good, copper demand increases, and prices rise, and vice versa.

6. The price of alternatives

In the telecommunications industry, copper has always been an important material, but because of the promotion and application of optical fiber skills, it challenges the position of copper. Together, metal materials such as aluminum and copper have equal characteristics, and they have also replaced copper in most applications.

7. Seasonal impact

The seasonal fluctuation of copper prices is more pronounced, with a low in January every year and a high price in August.

8. Influence of industrial policy

Because copper is primarily used in the electrical, electronic, construction, machinery, and transportation industries, the national industrial policy for these occupations has a more important impact on copper prices.

9. Impact of other policies and regulations

Because the copper mall is a worldwide mall with a large amount of world trade, changes in factors such as the import and export policies of the relevant countries, the exchange rate system, and the intensity of the impact on private transport will also affect copper prices.

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