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Buying Raymond Mill

timeMay 06,2020

Before making the decision of raymond mill purchase, you need know more information to eliminate doubts. In this essay, we will cover what difference between raymond mill and ball mill and difference between raymond mill and HGM grinding mill, when you choose powder making machines, particle size conversion table.

Raymond Mill vs Ball Mill

Raymond mill and ball mill both are powder grinding machines. Their differences mainly lie in processing materials, appearance, capacity, working principle, feeding and discharge size, wearing parts, etc. Each powder making process must be selected according to the material and fineness. You can contact us online for the specific need to choose Raymond mill or ball mill. 

Raymond Mill vs HGM Grinding Mill

Both raymond mill and HGM grinding mill are vertical powder grinding mill. There are some differences in machine parts like fan, powder separator, analysis machine, fan, etc. If the fineness is within 325 mesh, and the output is not too large, Raymond mill is often used; if the fineness is greater than 325 mesh or the output is large, generally HGM can be selected, and the HGM fineness can reach 800 mesh.

Particle Size Conversion Table

The mesh refers to the number of perforations per square inch of mesh. The 50 mesh refers to 50 per square inches. The 500 mesh means 500. The higher the mesh number, the more holes. In addition to indicating the perforation of the screen, it is also used to indicate the particle size of particles that can pass through the screen. The higher the mesh size, the smaller the particle size.

You can contact us online or leave a message on our website to get more product details as your purchase guide and 2020 latest price list for free as refference price while buying the machine. And we will send product details and quotation via email or whatsapp within 24 hours.

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