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Flotation Tech of Coarse Ore Facilitates The Sustainability in Mining Industry (Two)

timeJan 13,2022

In order to optimize the recovery rate of coarse-grained ores, the plant must comprehensively consider the design of a new flotation tank, the special preparation of flotation reagents, and the application technology of reagents. The best flotation effect depends on the careful balance between chemical, mechanical and operational factors.

Although the traditional flotation cells can achieve good flotation results when the ore particle size is 20 ~ 250 microns, these flotation cells face flotation difficulties when the ore particle size is less than 40 microns or more than 200 microns. The concentrator has already understood the design requirements of coarse particle flotation for beneficiation reagents, but the physical parameters of traditional flotation cells ( mainly the kinetic parameters of the foam zone ) limit the application of these reagents.

Over the past 20 years, flotation cell manufacturers have overcome these physical constraints, and the designed flotation cell can efficiently float coarse-grained ore over 300 microns. Now, these new flotation tanks are being deployed in global mining projects.

 One of the biggest development trends of coarse particle flotation is to reduce or cancel the flotation process by preparing coarse particle flotation reagents with very high selectivity, thus greatly reducing the flotation cost. This means simplifying the process flow, reducing energy costs, and improving mineral processing recovery.

Coarse-grained ores that were abandoned in the past are now enriched using coarse-grained flotation processes and flotation reagents. It is necessary to comprehensively consider ore load, crushing and grinding process/equipment, reagent preparation, and flotation scheme, and establish a flotation process for coarse-grained ore that can realize economic treatment. In the beneficiation of phosphate and other minerals, the flotation of coarse particles with similar particle sizes depends on the crushing and flotation capacity of each concentrator.

Our service team helps customers optimize the conditions in the flotation tank, improve the performance of frothers and collectors, and maximize the flotation recovery of coarse ore. Our service team also used innovative monitoring technology and bubble particle size measurement technology to monitor the flotation effect to optimize flotation recovery. We apply a comprehensive strategy to monitor and analyze the whole process to help customers selectively recover relatively coarse particles and maximize concentrate grade.


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