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How to Maintain The Equipment on The Beneficiation Production Line

timeFeb 16,2022

As for users, if they want to prolong the lifetime of machines used in flotation lines, the key is to operate them in the right way, taking routine maintenance. There six details applied in strengthening their service life are listed. 

1. Operators should be deeply familiar with all kinds of devices, obeying factory rules, including controlling, maintenance, security, health, etc.

2. Operators should read the log before working, and take a detailed examination of devices, just to check whether the bolts in each part are loose and whether the surface is damaged.

3. The devices should be started upon process system specification, prohibiting starting with loads.

4. Mineral processing production line in the operation process should often observe the operation of the production line equipment, if an abnormal phenomenon happens, users should solve timely according to the relevant program processing, or shut down the device and fix it.

5. Shutdown should be in line with the sequence of the processing system, after the shutdown, users should clean up the surrounding environment of the production line equipment.

6. Users should adopt the timing and mandatory maintenance, which must be carried out at the time, resolutely can not be due to construction tension without scheduling time, do not arrange personnel for maintenance.


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