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Hongxing Raymond Mill-Realizing Recycling of Industrial Slag Resources

timeOct 29,2019

. Introduction to slag materials

Slag, an industrial waste produced during blast furnace ironmaking. Because its main components are calcium oxide, silica and alumina, it can react with water to form a hydraulic cementitious material. It can be used to replace cement after grinding processing to improve the performance of concrete, so as to realize its recycling.

Raymond mill is an indispensable type of milling machine for industrial milling. In order to better meet the needs of modern industrial milling. The new generation of Raymond mills has made in terms of its milling effect, production rate and energy saving. A great improvement has been made to better assist in the recycling of slag resources.

. Applied area of slag after processing by Raymond mill

Taking steel slag as an example, after grinding processing by Raymond mill, materials such as magnesium hydroxide, silica, iron hydroxide can replace lime as solvent and return to the blast furnace or sintering furnace as iron-making raw materials. In addition, it can also be used for laying roadbed and replacing cement to improve the performance of concrete. Or it can be used to improve the soil environment.

. Advantages of investing in Raymond mill

1. Large demand: With the rapid development of industry, the discharge of waste such as slag is increasing year by year, which will not only occupy a large amount of cultivated land, but also pollute the surrounding environment, so it needs to be solved urgently.

2. Large profit: Raymond mill can turn solid wastes such as slag into treasure, bringing new power for regional economic development.

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