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The Analysis of Rotary Dryer

timeNov 22,2019

The rotary dryer is mainly composed of a rotary body, a lifting plate, a rotating device, and a feeding box. It is an important industrial equipment used for the processing of materials with large water content by the departments of mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, and chemical industry. The humidity of the materials after drying can be reduced to less than 12%, so the drying equipment is widely used. This paper analyzes the model, capacity and technical parameters of the dryer, which is convenient for users to refer to.

The Models of Rotary Dryer

The rotary dryer is important drying equipment in the industrial production process. According to the user's requirements, the manufacturer has produced various types of drying equipment. Combined with the current status of industrial development, small dryers sell well in small and medium-sized enterprises. Such enterprises have limited capital and production sites, and the selection of small dryers is more conducive to achieving high returns. The large dryer is mainly used for drying large quantities of materials with a high production scale, and the unit capacity of the dryer is high. The large size dryer not only guarantees the large-volume production needs of the manufacturer but also completes the drying operation in a short time. Which type of dryer is selected depends on the material properties, production site, and production requirements.

The Capacity of Rotary Dryer

The capacity of the dryer is related to many factors such as the specifications of the dryer, the volume of the cylinder, and the humidity of the material. Quality is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the dryer. The dryer models are available in different sizes and models. The dryer cylinder volume, intake air temperature, and production capacity are all different. The dryer capacity is also different. In addition, the higher the technical content of the dryer, the higher the output and the higher the user profit.

The Technical Parameters of Rotary Dryer

Technical parameters are an important reference for users to understand the performance of the equipment, but also affect the performance advantages of the dryer. Before purchasing the dryer, the user needs to know the specifications of the dryer, such as the model specification of the dryer, the volume of the cylinder, the installation slope, the energy consumption, etc, in order to choose the appropriate model of drying equipment.

The dryer is simple and convenient to operate, which can dry all kinds of materials. The above is only a simple analysis of the dryer. For more details, you can get a free online consultation service or leave a message online.

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