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Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant in Vietnam

timeNov 19,2020

Iron ore is a mineral aggregate that contains iron elements or iron compounds that can be used economically. It is the earliest discovered, most widely used, and most used metal in the world. Its consumption accounts for about 95% of the total metal consumption. Iron ore is an important raw material for iron and steel production enterprises.

Equipment Required for Iron Ore Processing

The equipment required in the iron ore processing production line includes vibrating feeders, jaw crushers, cone crushers, ball mills, magnetic separators, thickeners, circular vibrating screens and rotary dryer. At the same time, it can be integrated with elevators and belt conveyors.

Iron Ore Processing Technology

The process flow of iron ore processing includes crushing process, grinding process and sorting process, among which sorting process mainly includes gravity separation, magnetic separation and flotation. Due to the differences in the nature of the ore, the processes and equipment used are also different, but most iron ore processing techniques need to go through the following stages.

The first stage: crushing and screening

Large pieces of iron ore are uniformly sent to the jaw crusher (rock crusher) by the vibrating feeder through the silo for coarse crushing; the coarsely crushed iron ore is screened by the vibrating screen and sent by the belt conveyor hydraulic cone crusher for fine crushing.

The second stage: grinding

The 0-12 mm iron powder sieved by the vibrating screen is evenly sent to the ball mill for grinding, and is sieved by the spiral classifier, and the iron powder that does not meet the requirements is sent to the ball mill to continue grinding.

The third stage: magnetic separation and drying

The iron powder that meets the beneficiation requirements is sent to a magnetic separator for strong magnetic separation and magnetic separation to remove impurities; the obtained iron powder is sent to a dryer for drying to obtain iron fine powder.

Outstanding Advantages of Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant

1. Reasonable production process design, advanced process technology and good running stability.

2. The investment cost is low, the return is high, and the payback time is short.

3. The equipment is of good quality, long service life and large profit margin in the later period.

Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant Case in Vietnam

Processing material: iron ore

Production capacity: 120t/h

Iron ore concentrate grade: 67.81%

Configuration equipment: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, ball mill, spiral classifier, magnetic separator, flotation machine, dryer and other main equipment.

Customer Reviews:

The iron ore beneficiation production line designed by Hongxing Machinery (HXJQ) for our company not only has reasonable configuration, but also has high equipment quality. During the work process, the entire production line runs stably, with high automation, low environmental pollution, low failure rate, reduced maintenance costs, and high work efficiency, whichbrought me good income. And after-sales service is also very satisfactory to me, also HXJQ provides operation training and maintenance knowledge. It's very thoughtful, and I am very satisfied.

The Advantages of Choosing HXJQ Machine

1. Team: Our company has an experienced and skilled sales and service team, as well as a professional engineer team, who specialize in providing technical guidance to customers, a warm customer service team, and a caring after-sales service team.

2. Technology: HXJQ Machinery has more than 40 years of development experience, employs senior mineral processing engineers, actively learns mature foreign technology, and continuously injects new technologies and innovative ideas in product development to improve the quality of equipment.

3. Service: HXJQ Machine thinks about problems from the customer's point of view. Regular customer return visits and services, and HXJQ provides you with correct operation technical guidance and equipment maintenance knowledge.

Scheme design: HXJQ plans a reasonable production line process design for customers according to the environment, geographic location, climate and actual customer conditions, and formulates a reasonable and economical iron ore beneficiation production line design process for customers to ensure the interests of customers.

Note: Engineers configure the most suitable process flow and equipment according to the mineral content and the actual situation of the user. There is no exactly the same process design. Therefore, it is recommended that users do not imitate other people's beneficiation production lines to configure their own production plans to avoid economic loss.

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