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Shaking Table

timeOct 07,2012

Shaking Table Structure:

The head motion is of rugged construction and requires minimum maintenance. Its internal mechanism is splash lubricated from an integral oil sump.

Shaking Table

The decks are built of 16 mm zircon-reinforced fiberglass with fabricated steel frame at the bottom and are easy to clean, requiring little maintenance. The specific gravity of fiberglass made into decks is one third of that steel, while its strength reaches as high as 70% that of steel. This fiberglass decks into has the characteristics of water-resistance and corrosion-resistance.

A wooden feed distributing box with hopper and a long water box are attached to the iron of the deck, giving a very even distribution of feed and water.

A choice of ordinary type, groove steel support or big channel support is available.

Shaking Table Application:

Concentrator tables are designed to wet gravity-based separation of minerals and other granular materials. There are many applications where the jerking table is of particular value and cannot be equaled for economical and efficient performance. They are effective in processing precious and base metal, rare metal and bentonite processing plant non-metallic minerals.

Shaking Table Concentrator Working principle:

Paint the outside of table surface with ash and spray black lacquer for 3 to 4 times. The original rifle bar can be replaced with dadoing. The dadoing is arranged in parallel with the shaking direction of table surface. The dadoing near the feeding end on the table surface is short. It become gradually long as the lower part of it becomes. Their finishing points are arranged on the diagonal 50mm away from the discharging end of table surface.

There is feeding box along the end of the table surface and next to the corner at the one side of the table box. A water tank is parallel to the feeding box. Both of them are made of organic glass and are used to add flushing water. The flushing water flows to the table surface through rotatable rhombus rubber brake block fixed at the bottom of tank, and change the position of the angle of the rhombus rubber brake block. The water flow and its direction can be adjusted. Such feeding box is installed in the right corner of the table surface, hence called right feeding box.

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