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Which Factors Are Considered In Mineral Processing Design?

timeSep 22,2022

The design goal of the ore processing plant is to select and formulate a plan with mature technology, advanced technology, reliable production, and high economic benefits. Therefore, the beneficiation process design is the primary work of ore processing plant design. In formulating the process flow, attention should be paid to various conditions and factors to prevent subjective one-sidedness to find the best solution.

Before the design, beneficiation tests of different scales were generally carried out according to the complexity of ore properties. Two or three comparison schemes may be obtained in the test report, or there may be unresolved or difficult problems in the test. The following factors should be considered in the design of the beneficiation process:

1. Product scheme and product quality index

This is an important part of the design work. When studying the product plan, first of all, we need to do a good job in forecast domestic and foreign markets and investigation and research product sales, and then determine the comprehensive recycling plan of construction projects according to the needs of the country and the market, the possibility of technology and the principle of economic rationality. Product quality should meet market requirements.

Comprehensive recovery and utilization is an effective way to effectively use resources and increase metal and industrial minerals, which can greatly improve the economic value of deposits and the economic efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, the design should achieve comprehensive recovery as much as possible.

2. Pre-enrichment

According to the structural characteristics of the ore, using the differences in physical properties between useful minerals and gangue minerals, such as particle size composition, shape, brittleness, density, magnetic rate, the reaction of radioactive elements and color, etc., on the basis of experiments, the design can be added in the crushing and grinding process. In the appropriate location of the pre-concentration operation, pre-enrichment, abandon a large number of gangue to improve the grade of the ore, save equipment and energy consumption, reduce production costs, and reduce infrastructure investment.

3. Energy savings

Energy saving must be considered when formulating the beneficiation process. In the conventional grinding process should be considered more broken less grinding, as far as possible to reduce the grinding machine feed particle size. Avoid over-crushing in the grinding process. According to the ore dissemination characteristics, the stage grinding separation process is adopted as far as possible.

4. Size of ore processing plant 

Generally speaking, small ore processing plants should not adopt complex beneficiation process. On the contrary, in the case of the same ore, a large-scale ore processing plant can adopt more complex processes. This is mainly related to the economic benefits of the ore processing plant.

5. Climate and technical and economic conditions in the area where the plant is constructed

For example, in arid and cold regions, a process with less water or a dry beneficiation process should be selected.

6. Environmental protection

The design of the beneficiation process should also pay attention to environmental protection, especially to prevent dust, poisons, wastewater, waste residue, noise, radioactive substances, and other harmful substances from polluting the environment, and carry out a comprehensive treatment and utilization to make the design meet the national standards.

In short, the selection of the beneficiation process should be based on the full test, combined with the above factors for multi-scheme technical and economic comparison, so that the main problems in the process are reasonably resolved, and select the optimal solution.


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