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Why The Price of Ball Mill Machines Varies Greatly?

timeJul 29,2022

The price of such mining equipment as ball mills is almost transparent, and what really affects volatility is the ups and downs of steel prices. So why does the price of the same type of ball mill double? In addition to the price of steel factors, there are the following cases.

1. Different materials

The thickness and material of the barrel and lining plate of the ball mill are summarized through calculation and constant time experience. A lining plate is used to protect the cylinder. In the process of ore processing, the steel ball is thrown and dropped inside the cylinder, and the lining plate is the part to protect the cylinder at this time. The lining plate made of ordinary materials or too thin lining plate not only fails to protect, but also breaks the plate. The lining board of Xingnong is a manganese steel lining board, and the wear resistance is much higher than that of an ordinary lining board, so the prices of the two are bound to be different.

As an important part of the transmission structure, the service life of large and small gears determines the service life of the ball mill. All the gears produced in our factory are treated by heat treatment and quenching, which increases the steel property of large and small gears and improves their service life.

2. Different structures

For example, when it comes to 1500 * 4500 ball mills, unprofessional manufacturers give an answer that they won't ask customers what kind of material they use to process. Professional manufacturers will ask customers after the use of specific requirements for customers given specific programs. The ball mills produced in our factory reach ten models, and they are selected according to the different materials processed. For example, as for 1500 * 4500 ball mill, the processing of iron ore needs to use gear drive ball mill, and the processing of potash feldspar then use belt drive ball mill is good. Due to the use of large and small gears, the price of a gear drive ball mill is higher than that of a belt drive ball mill.

3. Different types of bearings

The ball mill is a horizontal structure, so the bearing is needed to support the cylinder. The same type of ball mill can use different types of bearings. The larger the bearing is, the more materials enter and exit the barrel of the ball mill, so the output of the ball mill is larger, and the price of the ball mill is relatively expensive. ( Some factories even use second-hand bearings or second-hand ball mills for sale after renovation )

4. Different quality of steel balls

Steel ball is the grinding medium of a ball mill. Reasonable qualified steel ball can not only improve the processing speed of materials, but also reduce the loss of lining plate. ( Because the price of good steel balls is not cheap, some manufacturers will be recharged, or even do not contain steel balls )

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