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Copper Ore Processing Plant

timeMar 17,2020

Introduction of Copper Ore Processing Plant

Flotation separation process is often used in the copper ore processing plant. Before the flotation of the medicine, the copper ore is coarsely ground into small pieces, and then ground to a certain particle size, and then the beneficiation agent is added therein. In this way, the ore particles float up, and the final foam product is collected and further dehydrated to obtain copper concentrate, which is sent to the smelter for copper smelting.

Flotation Machine

Flotation equipment is mainly flotation machine and other equipment to realize flotation process. Flotation machine is made up of many cells in series. HXJQ has different types of flotation machines available, such as SF flotation machine, XCF flotation machine, KYF flotation machine, BF flotation machine.

Flotation Separation Process

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Technical Requirements:

1.The flowchart is just for reference.

2.The process is adjustable according to the site requirements, but part placement cannot be changed.

3.Foundation dimensions of equipments are subject to our drawing.

4.Any question pls contact us online.

Factors Affecting Flotation Process

1-Copper Ore Grinding Fineness. 

The upper limit of particle size is 0.25mm and the lower limit is 0.01mm. If the particle size is less than 0.01mm, the ore will be crushed and slimed, which will worsen the flotation index.

2-Pulp Concentration. 

Pulp concentration is the main factor affecting flotation index. Pulp concentration is thin, recovery is low, but concentrate quality is high. With the increase of pulp concentration, the recovery rate increases. When it reaches a certain level, the recovery rate will decrease with the increase of pulp concentration. Generally, pulp concentration is 25-35%.

3-Flotation Time. 

If the time is too long, the recovery rate will increase, but the concentrate grade will decrease; if the time is too short, the concentrate grade will be favorable but the tailings grade will increase.

What You Can Get For Free

1. A detailed equipment quotation

2. One-to-one selection guidance from technical managers

3. Reservation-free test machine with material (testing machine with material that is sent by video) 

4. Consultation and purchase of machine can get various preferential discounts.

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HXJQ manufacturers have more than 40 years of production experience. From research and development, material selection to equipment molding, strict technology and quality control follow each step. And HXJQ provides a full set of ore processing equipment. If necessary, please chat online or leave a message. HXJQ experienced project managers design solutions for free, and are responsible for subsequent equipment installation, commissioning, operation guidance and other services.

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