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timeApr 01,2020

Flotation separation method is commonly used in gold ore beneficiation. In the gold ore flotation process, gold ore is usually crushed by a crusher, and then pulverized by a ball mill. Through flotation, concentrates and tailings are extracted, and finally smelt, the final product is gold. The equipment commonly used in this process is: jaw crusher, ball mill, spiral classifier, flotation machine.

So how much does gold mining equipment cost at HXJQ?

1. Free Quotation Online

Different gold mining equipment has multiple models, which can process ore with different capacities, so the prices are also different. We provide a 24- hour online free quote, tell us the specific equipment, processing materials, and processing capacity you want, and then our professional engineers will guide you one-on-one based on your project information and provide the latest 2020 online Price list.

2. Free Costumed Designs According to Your Budget

Tell us what you want to achieve, and your current budget. After that our experienced engineers will customize the equipment and process flow diagrams you need online. We are at your service 24/7 hours for free.

3. HXJQ Guarantees the Highest Cost Performance

We do not know the specific prices of gold mining equipment from other manufacturers. We may not be the lowest price, but we guarantee that our gold mining equipment is the most cost-effective.

What can you get from HXJQ?

1-Direct-sale factory price, latest discount in 2020

HXJQ is a well-known gold ore beneficiation equipment manufacturer and direct sales supplier in China. The price of our gold ore equipment is the ex-factory price, and there is no middleman to make a difference. We also introduce the latest discounts for 2020 .

2-Advanced technology, high-quality equipment, and professional process flow

HXJQ has more than 40 years of experience in the production of gold mining equipment in China . We use the best raw materials and advanced production technology, introduce foreign innovative technology, and develop a new generation of gold mining equipment. We produce the best quality machines at the lowest cost, and combined with our experienced engineers, according to the actual project conditions and requirements, we can customize the most suitable process for you for free.

3-Free online test machine, fast delivery speed, full technical guidance

Due to the recent epidemic situation of new coronavirus, we provide free online test machine. You can test the machine on site according to the materials specified by the customer. You can see the test machine effect through online live video. We guarantee fast delivery according to the contract time, we will guide the equipment installation online, and our professional engineers will answer all kinds of problems in the operation of the equipment online.

We welcome you to leave a message or tell us your question about the price of gold mining equipment.

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